Sunday, March 20, 2011

Refugees Cancelled Their Departure

MALAYSIA :: The US department of homeland security is hurling out so many conflicting messages on refugees who take refuge in Malaysia and Thailand that they (DHS) doubly require for further security review, although many of whose departures have been confirmed in Malaysia.
There is more that it needs to be learning the sole cause of this departure cancel wave as its order came directly from Washington that the officers in IRC (International Rescue Committee) and IOM (International Organization of Migrants) department even don't know it and cannot effectively explain about it why and what happens towards the distressed refugees.
Since weeks ago, it has been started speculating about the cancellation of dozens of departures in Malaysia. A few weeks in the past they (IOM dept) could inform those concerned on time, said one of the staffs in IOM. However, there is such never incident happened like last Monday (7th) that some of those who had been boarded on the bus for traveling to the airport from UNHCR office were immediately called off their departure, which was because of information sent late by Washington, elucidated the officer in IOM department in UNHCR office.
According to the confirmed source from IRC department in UNHCR, it reveals that 750 refugees from Malaysia—those already confirmed for their departures are being canceled in order for security reason to review once again but it is unable to know how long it will take back to the normal condition. Also, 850 refugees from Thailand are facing the same problem with the unimaginable uncertainty.
All of those face departure cancel are of Myanmar refugees, source said.
On last Monday cancellation, one of the victims among dozens of whose departures canceled said to VOCR that 12 cases of their batch were, though 15 cases escaped from this havoc, told about their departure cancellation after being boarded on the bus and returning to the office of UNHCR as to heed an explanation by the related department. It was such a terrible. "We got shocked and extremely fearful for all of us" continued him, "A moment later, one of the high-ranked officers from IRC came to us and telling us that it is not the thing they did (here in Malaysia) and is beyond their ability to do so but just a clear order from Washington for furthering security review again".
Some of the victims those with family members will surely have a big challenging problem for living as the fact that their apartment had been reverted to the owner and belongings sold to friends. Mr. Henry Sui Hmung said "For me, I no choice have to rely on my friends for the time being". It was also learnt that none of any financial aid for transportation wasn't made out for them despite there was a demand from the victims.
A credible or fair thing from the respective office should be done. Nonetheless, IOM department only provided the phone for them in attempts to call friends or relatives to take them home from the office. It sounds a very big issue for every single of refugee in Malaysia. By Simon

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