About this blog

Dear friends,

                    This blog is to advocate the life of Burmese Refugees In Malaysia, to share about their stories. Why ? Nowadays, there are a lot of people become Refugees for many reasons but the world doesn't know them. I have been asking for many times how do you come to Malaysia ? Show me your passport ? This is a very difficult question for me to answer. Why ? It would be  a very long story.  And I don't want to tell about my bad dream again and again. That makes me hurt my life for thousand times. I would like to forget it if possible and start everything new as a new born human being , someone like you.

                   I do believe that everybody likes freedom, Justice and peace. Refugees are also someone like you. They are also human being but they become very different from you under the name as refugees. They are not like other human beings anymore and treated in a very different ways of life for their status of life situation. A lot of people misunderstand them and keep them away from the human society.

                 In Malaysia, they are recognized as illegal, thieves, cheater and beggars. There may be one but not all. Why ? Good or Bad is a human nature. Most of situations, Refugees are forgotten and left behind. The situation they are facing makes them so lonely in life and most become mental illness.

Refugees are the sick people mentally, socially and physically. For these reasons, this blog is aimed to find someone with passion for Refugees. Today, the world need to learn about Refugees and the people in need. I do believe that there are lots of people of the world who want to serve these needy people or Refugees.

I would be happy if I could share you something about Refugees with this blog. And it would be a great honor if you could share this to your beloved friends, neighbors and your community. This brings we are working together to make awareness of refugee followers around us.

             Something is just misunderstanding to Burmese Refugees In Malaysia . Why ? People do not understand our situation and why we are here today and for the lack of awareness of Burmese Refugees Life.
A lot of people of the world misunderstand the people of Burma ( MYANMAR ) on the situation of politic. Today, we would like to clarify that people of Burma are 90 % good and honest culturally and personally  but the Military Rulers of the country.

All in all, this blog is a call for humanity and justice to Refugees.